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Recommendation to add to the 1809 Starter box set?  


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25/03/2020 7:05 pm  

I asked this of TWGco when I met them, and have forgotten!

I have the above 2side starter set, what would be good addons for it. To build up why is in the box.


Pete still a rookie,


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25/03/2020 8:54 pm  

I like to have a good force of infantry and a bit of cavalry, but not everyone thinks like me.... 🙂

If you want to play with some additional rules, get a cavalry reinforcement pack for your French and Austrians.

If you want to play larger engagements, get another 1809 starter pack.

If you like guns (who doesn't like guns?), go with the artillery reserve packs.


Once you get the bug, there is so much to collect and paint, it's really hard to go wrong.  For me, I've got the 1812 2 player pack. I purchased a Russian corps pack, then Russian Corps artillery and a Dragoon pack. I plan to do the same for the French with a corps pack, artillery pack and then a cavalry (probably Dragoons) pack.

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26/03/2020 8:05 pm  
Posted by: @orionsbusinessgmail-com

I have the above 2side starter set, what would be good addons for it. To build up why is in the box.


Todd's definitely spot-on. It depends a lot on what style of play you embrace. More defensive: artillery. More offensive: cavalry. Specifically because you'd expanding a Starter Box, I'd advise considering either a French Infanterie Division or an Austrian Grenadier Division to give you another foot-based Formation. For the Austrians, alternatively… you could go with an Avant Garde beefed up with an Infantry Brigade.

Edit: And I'd recommend adding a regiment of French Hussards to strengthen the French cavalry Formation from the Starter Box.

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