[Solved] question about example 4.5.4  


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30/12/2018 9:58 pm  

The example diagrams 4.5.4

Lets say that Prussian cavalry was only 800 yards away. They have a 1500 yard move. Even though they are generally facing the front aspect of the French infantry formation, they would have enough movement to swing completely around the line and hit the French in the rear (and from the reformation area).
Is this allowed? Is it considered "gamey"? "Good play"?

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30/12/2018 9:58 pm  

They couldn’t “sweep around” because of the requirements of the attack [A] order they are converting to. It requires them to “...move by the most direct route...” to contact the enemy. Now, with that said, if the Prussian cavalry’s frontage was wide enough, they’d potentially have Units that would be able to hit the Reformation Area of the French simply because of the geometry.