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[Solved] does the ployed column close up?  


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30/12/2018 9:33 pm  

When deploying the front units move off say to the side, does the rest of the column “close up” to the vacated area?
The whole deploy method seems very restrictive and difficult to achieve (225yd move or 1.5” using 40mm frontage battalions ).

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30/12/2018 9:34 pm  

The remaining Units do not “close up” automatically, though they may during Movement. The sequence of play during the Movement Phase is:

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Fatigue Recovery

If a Formation deploys some Units on Turn #1, those Units may move up to 225 yards out of the ployed column. The following turn (#2), during the movement step of the Movement Phase, the deployed Units may move and the ployed Units may “close up”. Then during the deployment step, additional Units may deploy.