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[Solved] convert twice in the same step?  


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31/12/2018 10:09 am  

A cavalry formation was reduced to RT status after a number of close combats. In the following Command Phase it removed that status by using a Leader Action and the procedure under 3.7.4. In this way it removed its status and defaulted to a [D] directive. In the same step of the Command Phase can it use another order conversion to convert to an [A] directive? i.e. can it perform 2 order conversions in the same order conversion step of the Movement Phase?

-Yahoo Group, 7/15/17

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31/12/2018 10:09 am  

No, only one order conversion can happen in a step, while this is not explicitly stated, I believe the text says that all order conversions occur simultaneously, and you can’t do both at once because the second requires the first, which you haven’t yet done. (3.4, 3.7.4)

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