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[Solved] Can one enemy Uni chase away a broken Formation?

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I think that there should be more clarity here as 4.4 Fatigue Recovery under a [D] directive, 3.7.1 [RT] Status, 3.7.2 [BK] and 3.8.8 require the Formation to remain outside 900 yards of the enemy. This means that an entire Formation could be kept in a negative status by a single enemy company or squadron. Is this what is intended?

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Yes, a Formation in a retreating [RT] or broken [BK] status can be exploited by a single Unit, just as happened after Jena where pursuit elements were able to keep bodies of troops much larger than themselves on the run. However, where did the opponent get a single Unit Formation from? Creating a detachment I suppose, but that single Unit Formation also has a fatigue threshold of ‘1’ before it breaks [BK], so very little defense is required to dispense with it.

A player could also choose to intervene to remove the retreat [RT] or broken [BK] status by Taking Personal Command and changing the Formation’s status to Rally & Reform. This is not itself incredibly safe... but it is another option.