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[Solved] align two Formations while moving  


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30/12/2018 10:01 pm  

Is there any reason that a formation on a move order can’t move less than the max on a given turn, say to align with another formation, without a Leader action to change the objective?

-Yahoo Group, 5/12/16

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30/12/2018 10:03 pm  

If Units of the Formation are moving through bad terrain, then the Formation may slow down for them. If they are of a variety of classes which move at different speeds in the terrain they are in, the whole Formation can slow down for the slow pokes.

If the goal is to have one Formation maintain alignment with another, then you really want to give the second Formation a support order and it will shadow off the first and has no requirement for how fast it moves other than to track along with the Formation it is supporting.