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[Solved] Taylor's Cavalry Brigade at Vimeiro?  


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Hello, I have just received To Assure My Dynasty, 1808 in Iberia, and (having only high-level knowledge of the Napoleonic Wars until now) have very much enjoyed reading through the various scenarios to learn more.  I have a couple of questions about the initial placements and orders of battle for three scenarios, each of which I'll post separately so that others can find the answers more easily.

The Allied briefing for Vimeiro on pg. 45 includes a Taylor's Cavalry Brigade deployed in starting zone #5 alongside Fane's and Anstruther's Brigades.  No commander named Taylor is listed in the Allied order of battle on pg. 46, and the only Allied cavalry listed is a single stand of 20th Light Dragoons available for attachment.

What forces does Taylor command and how should he and they be rated?

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Taylor's cavalry brigade consisted entirely of the 20th Light Dragoons, the initial placement represents their historical deployment at Starting Zone #5. Because his brigade consisted of less than 300 horsemen, they are made available for attachment with the intent that the British player could choose to attach them to either Fane or Anstruther's Formations.