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[Solved] Tactics and orders: How do I flank when my Force has one objective?

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I have a question regarding trying to flank an enemy formation. I thought the Force was given a SINGLE Objective, and that the Formations within that Force all had the same Objective, but maybe one has a Maneuver Order, another a Support Order, etc. In a previous post you seem to imply that each Formation could have a different Objective, in order to outflank an enemy Force/Formation. Am I missing something?

-Yahoo Group, 1/4/18

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Yes, only one Objective per Force.

How to accomplish outflanking an enemy Formation really depends on the particular circumstances on the tabletop.

Let's say you are a substantial distance from your target enemy. If you have two Formations abreast, facing one continuous enemy line, you could select an objective that is diagonal from your front at such an angle that one of your Formations will collide with the enemy while your other Formation marches past it. Then, change your Objective allowing your flanking Formation to effective swing behind the enemy.

Alternatively, if you are close to your target enemy, where you place your objective can cause both of your Formations to strike the enemy with one pushing in on their flank and – if successful – outflanking them.