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[Solved] Specific path to an objective? Lots of other questions about objectives

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Objectives... if you want a unit to take a particular path does this require the Corp commander setting and resetting objectives??

Imagine I am at H... but want to move to V. If I give a move order I essentially move straight at it. However if I want to move to V by marching to B then marching down to R then across to V .... would that essentially require me to reset objective (B, then R then V). Is this a leadership test by the Corp commander ...??

Is this a leadership test by the Corp commander ...??

I understand the division commander could reset his objective but wondered how its meant to work not using this method??

With regards to the above sequence how does it work...Division moves to B...where Ney has sent orders of new objective to move to R( is this an order test for Ney or Division commander??...does the division stay on his Move order or has to reset it??)...

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Very hard to say as this is very situation specific. A Formation on a move [M] directive is allowed to avoid dense terrain en route to their objective, it is also allowed, if ployed, to follow a road even if that road is a less direct route than the overland path.

If you wanted a division to make a zig-zag across the tabletop, going from one point to another, then yes, you would have to change the parent Force's objective as the Formation progressed. You can think of objectives as 'way points' when it comes to complex maneuvers over long distances.

You are correct that a Force Commander could use a Leader Action to change their Force's objective as their Formations moved across the battlefield, per 3.8.3 Change Own Objective.

But realize the Formation Commander can’t change their objective because Formations don't have individual objectives. Formation Commanders are essentially persona-non-grata except as a recipient of Leader Actions. The Force Commander could change his own objective or the Army Commander could issue a new one.

Lastly, changing an objective does not alter the directives. So, if Ney’s 1st Division is on a move [M] directive en route to a village (the corps’s objective) and Ney successfully changes his corps’s objective to a hill, during the next Movement Phase the divisions will move towards the hill instead of the village.

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