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Leader actions  


Steve Nutt
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21/04/2020 9:52 am  

Hi David,

Really a clarification with this one.

Rule 3.8.1 tells you how to conduct leader actions. They can be issued withi do the same.thet

chain of command by army and/or force leaders. 

The rule says you can do as many of these as you want until you fail one, then you stop.

The rule says "...a failed test prevents the player from attempting additional Leader Action tests...."

So, we are playing Borodino. 3 players a side. I am Eugene. I roll a series of leader action tests for formations within my own IV corps. Then I fail one. So I can't go on to become Grouchy and start rolling leader action tests for III Reserve Cavalry Corps, i.e it's not the lead figures on the table doing the rolling it's me the flesh and blood player who has failed.

But, the Napoleon player could start rolling leader actions within my 2 corps command after I fail cos he is above me in the chain of command.

And, if more of us were playing, say one per corps, the Grouchy player could do the same.

Thanks in advance 

Steve Nutt.

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21/04/2020 10:36 am  

The rules assume there is one player per Force Commander (or Army Commander), so each Force Commander (or Army Commander) can attempt Leader Actions until it fails one, then that Force Commander is done performing Leader Actions for the term (unless they want to perform one that doesn't require a test, they can always do those).

Let me know if that clarifies!