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[Solved] How do issuing and receiving work?

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If the battle has an Army Commander, he's the Issuing Commander?
Force Commanders would then be the Receiving Commander?
But if the battle only has a Force Commander, he's the Issuing Commander and there's no Receiving Commander?

-Yahoo Group Question, 7/15/18

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Maybe it will help if I walk you through a couple of examples:

1) An Army Commander (player) issues order objectives to each of the Force Commanders (players) in the game.

• When the Army Commander attempts to activate those order objectives, he/she is the Issuing Commander and the Force Commanders are each the Receiving Commanders.

2) The Force Commanders (players) will issue order directives to their subordinate Formation Commanders (not players).

• When the Force Commanders (players) attempt to activate those order directives, they are the Issuing Commanders and the Formation Commanders are the respective Receiving Commanders.

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