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[Solved] Can Army Commanders activate Formation directives?

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How can directives be activated by the Army Commander?
3.2.1. says that a pending Formation Order Directives may be activated by 'any Army or Force Commander in the Formation's command hierarchy'.
3.6. however says that Formation Order Directives are issued by the Force Commander.

-Yahoo Group, 5/24/17

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The question of activation is the question of who can roll for the activation. As ratings vary between Commanders, it was important to indicate that any Commander in the hierarchy could make the roll and modify it with their rating.
The question of who can issue the order is of le
ss concern as it can’t modify the course of the game, issuing an order is free (no die roll or modifiers, the player just does it), always incurs a natural one turn delay (unless done by a Commander who has Taken Personal Command), and no ratings are involved.
Thus, whether an Army Commander or Force Comman
der issues the order doesn’t make any practical difference in game play, while it can make a lot of difference which one rolls for activation.