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[Solved] Attach, detach, attach again?

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3.8.2 Can a Force commander, under Leader Actions, keep attaching and detaching from one to another of the Formations in his Force to issue and activate orders to them so long as: a) the commander does not fail a die cast on the Order Activation & Leader Actions table, and (b) when he detaches from one Formation, the next is within a half move distance?

-Yahoo Group, 5/23/16

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Yes. “The Wellington Method” I guess some might call it. It sounds all awesome and stuff until your Force Commander gets stuck in with one Formation and your options become very narrow. Some may point out this is impossible (to fail) under many circumstances with an excellent Commanders, I would also point out it is largely unnecessary with excellent Commanders in most of those same circumstances. Thus, it is more a style of play – sorta like Wellington preferring to run around while Napoleon preferred to stand back.