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[Solved] Activate objectives without Army Commanders?

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Assume both sides have one Corps each commanded by Corps Commanders - i.e. Force Commanders. There are no Army Commanders do the Force Commanders automatically activate the Objective Orders (they are deciding them after all) and therefore the first - and only - layer of activation is the Divisional Commanders (Formation Commanders).

-Yahoo Group, 4/15/17

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There is a Leader Action "Change Own Objective" and as you are both the issuer and receiver you generally succeed on a 5+ even if you are rated C. The notion is you still have to disseminate the info to everyone so it can
fail but is unlikely.

There are some nuances and a Force Commander changing his own objective is one of them.
A ‘C’ rated one is likely to succeed. A ‘B’ rated one can hardly fail. And an ‘A’ rated commander can only succeed.

3.9.6 is an example dedicated to doing this very thing. It includes a negative modifier for an Army Commander
being present but if the Army Commander is not present, the same procedure is followed, his negative modifier
just isn’t applied.