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31/12/2018 10:00 am  

Assume these facts: Cavalry 1 on an Attack order, attacks Cavalry 2 on a Defend order. 2 does an order conversion to Attack in order to charge 1.

At the end of the combat, 2 holds the ground. 1 Retires.

Is 2 still on the Attack order or does he revert to his original Defend order now that the cause of the Conversion has been defeated?

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31/12/2018 10:02 am  

#2 remains on its new attack [A] order directive unless the result of its Assessment following Combat allows or requires a change. Presuming that since #2 started on defend, I assume its Force’s objective is probably behind it following the combat. So the Formation would be on an attack [A] order, required to move toward its objective – effectively required to withdraw – and then once it reached its objective it would convert back to defend [D].

So, in your example the chain of events would likely be that Cavalry #2 converts to attack [A], rolls forward, wins, on the following turn’s Movement Phase moves towards its Force’s objective (behind it), away from the enemy line, reaches the objective, and converts back to defend [D] during the Order Conversion step of that next turn’s Combat Phase. Essentially ending where it began, a turn later.

There is one other possibility. Cavalry on an attack [A] directive that are over 450 yards from the enemy, may convert to defend [D] during the next order conversion step.