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[Solved] resolving 2v1 combats  


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31/12/2018 10:49 am  

Would the single defender against two attackers get the -1 for multiple units in each combat, or is that modifier only used with one attacker vs two defenders. Doesn't seem useful otherwise if you are resolving combat one unit at a time.

-Yahoo Group, 5/27/16

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31/12/2018 10:58 am  

It is based on the conditions *at the time* the resolution is done and is applied in all combat circumstances.

So, if you are resolving combat for a Unit and two (or more) Units are touching it, then it takes the -1 for multiple Units.

If your Unit wins and throws back one of the two Units touching it, then during its next resolution, it will only be facing one Unit, and won’t apply the modifier.