[Solved] Breakthroughs and shock  


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31/12/2018 11:10 am  

With respect to the shock modifiers relating to the first combat round does that mean if a unit that was contacted by a unit advancing on a breakthrough get to use its shock value as it is its first round of combat but not the turns first round of combat?

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31/12/2018 11:12 am  

From Raising an Army 2.3.3 Shock [S1, S2, S3]:

Shock provides an initial benefit in the Combat Phase that applies only in the first combat resolution of a turn.

That should be the same terminology used elsewhere, if it is not then a correction is necessary. The intent is that the Unit gets the shock benefit the first time it rolls combat dice against someone else in a turn. So, if the Unit is contacted by an enemy who had a breakthrough, as in your example, the Unit does get its shock modifier. If the Unit wins that fight and itself receives a breakthrough, hitting a new enemy, it will not get to use its shock there.