Basing for 6mm figures  

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15/04/2019 9:52 am  

I am looking to base my 6mm figures and would like to see if anyone else is using this scale and what ground scale and #fig. per base.

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15/04/2019 9:58 am  

There are definitely some people doing it, check out here.


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15/04/2019 10:30 am  

Thanks for the quick reply. I have just found out  I will need to  buy the original manual and the Austerlitz book again

because i've had to move into a assisted living facility and most of my books were left in my home and the purchaser

trashed them.

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16/04/2019 11:37 am  


We use 6mm figures and the 1 inch to 100 yards ground scale.  A normal sized infantry battalion is on a 50mm frontage by 30mm depth mdf base.  Roughly 10 figures to a rank, 3 ranks to a battalion.  Gives a nice impression.  Smaller battalions are based on 40mm by 30mm bases (about 24 figures).  Not done any large battalions yet but they would be on a 60mm by 30mm base and have more figures(probably 36ish).  Cavalry squadron groups are also based on a 40mm by 30mm base - two ranks, 5 figures per rank.  

Command stands are based on circular bases.  Obviously increasing in size and the number of figures as you progress up the hierarchy.  

1 inch to 100 yards makes it much easier to convert maps etc...