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How/why do 3-4 pounders fire?  

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19/07/2019 10:37 pm  

These light guns have no fire factor, as I read the rules. What purpose do they serve? Deployed, they could soak off a fatigue; they also increase the size of the division. Is that all?


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20/07/2019 7:01 am  

Hi Chris,

They increase the size of the Formation and thus provide it a higher fatigue tolerance, but they also allow it to fire at range. While 3/4-pdr batteries do not provide points, assuming they have a target in range and arc, the Formation is still able to roll 2D6 for a 10+ to cause an Assessment on a target Formation.

Additionally they provide a benefit to their parent Formation (or another friendly Formation that is very nearby) during Assessments if committed and unlimbered, and if in close range or enfilading the enemy they provide negatives towards that enemy's Assessment.

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