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[Solved] Does the attacker move up if the target retreats?

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French infantry on an Attack order advanced to contact with two Russian artillery batteries on a Defend order. As a result of the assessment following the artillery and skirmishing, the Russian artillery retired to their Reformation area.
Thus the French infantry was not in contact with any Russian unit. The French infantry had move distance left, however, that would have enabled them to continue on and contact Russian infantry that had been behind the artillery.
So in that situation, does the attacker continue his remaining move distance to make contact, or stay where the retiring unit had been prior to retiring?

-Yahoo Group, 2/4/18

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After the Movement Phase the only movement that occurs in the turn is as a result of Order Conversions, a result from the Combat Resolution results table, or the result of an Assessment. So in the situation you describe the French infantry Units which contacted the Russian artillery batteries would be halted in place and would not move forward again until the following turn’s Movement Phase.