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[Solved] Can a Ployed Formation perform Artillery Fire & Skirmishing?  


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31/12/2018 10:24 am  

What happens if a ployed formation is attacked from the flank. Can they fire or artillery fire?

-Yahoo Group, 5/28/17

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31/12/2018 10:32 am  

I assume you are referring to the skirmish part of the Artillery & Skirmishing Phase? Potentially, there is a 45o arc and 450 yard range, lastly, the Unit must be deployed to contribute to Artillery & Skirmishing; i.e. within those limitation laid out in Artillery & Skirmishing, they may do so (all this per 5.1).

Artillery must be committed and unlimbered with a target within 45o arc and 900 yards – with a clear lane of fire, defined as the width of the artillery base, to the target. If artillery meets those criteria, it fires (again per 5.1).