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Westphalian OOB errors in Series 3 Master of the World

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In both the Valutino-Gora and Borodino scenarios, there are several statistics errors in the OOB for Junot's VIII (Westphalian) Force, concentrated in the last two formation-equivalents.

1.  In Hammerstein's cavalry brigade, the two hussar regiments have correct CRs, 2nd-edition "Lights" designation, and cavalry-style Cohesion stats, but their Threat stats are of the format appropriate for infantry battalions, not cavalry squadron groups.  They also lack the 3rd-edition "Lights" designation following the Threat stats.  The Chevauleger-Guards-Regiment has a different CR than what it was assigned in 2nd edition, has lost its 2nd-edition  "Lights" designation, and has Threat and Cohesion stats which are appropriate for a battery of 6-pdrs.

2.  In the "Reinforcement(s) section immediately following, the three units listed have incorrect CR values, Threat stats, and Cohesion stats.  The statistics appear to be for light infantry battalions rather than for the actual artillery batteries and engineer company.

Additionally, in the French setup instructions for both Valurino-Gora and Borodino, Junot's VIII Corps is incorrectly listed as the VII Corps.

Regards,  Ken Valentine