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Russian Hussar Plumes in Master of the World

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HI - i raised this query over at TMP but maybe here is a good place too - i am making Grodno Hussars at the moment (making paper 6mm armies ) for the 1812 and 1813 period and the uniform guide in the Master of the World book is amazing - very comprehensive.

I am just wondering regarding the Russian hussars as all other sources i find say they had white plumes and all other online images show this, but in your guide only the officer has the white plume and the standard Gusary has black plumes - is this correct, or just done for gaming purposes to distinguish the unit leader?

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The simple answer is that the plumes should be white. We've included this in our errata for 1812-1s3 which you can find on the new support page we launched and we've included some additional context there around plumes for the gusary.