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[Solved] Golovchtchitzy - Russian Advance Guard

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At the start of this battle (page 53 in Didn't Dare Do Anything) you have the Russian Advance Guard as a 6 squadron group Formation with 9 fatigue and, therefore, they start the game Broken.

Wouldn't it be the same if you just reduced the Formation to 2 squadron groups with one Fatigue, but in good order?

Interested to hear your rationale behind your decision to have them start as described.


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Excellent question!

Historically the Russian advanced guard had pursued the French southward and been ambushed, then routed, fleeing northward back along its former line of pursuit until it linked back up with the main Russian Force. It then took cover behind the rest of Wittgenstein's I Corps which drew itself up to receive the now pursuing French. So, in effect, the condition of the advanced guard is meant to match the conditions on the ground at the start of the battle.

The practical impacts on the game are that the Russian player would need to decide if they wish to Take Personal Command and consolidate the Formation via the Rally & Reform status and Inspire Formation Leader Action. If they choose not to, the broken [BK] Formation's presence could potentially impact Assessments taken by other Russian Formations, however, it is always possible the Russian Commander finds themselves stuck with the Advanced Guard if they don't succeed their roll to Abandon Personal Command; thus tying them up when they may wish to be elsewhere doing other things.