The Wargaming Company is proud to announce our first sequel! Didn’t Dare Do Anything, 1812 in Russia expands the campaign of Master of the World with eight battles you can play separately or jointly: EckauKobrynYakubovoKlyastitsyGolovchtchitzySwolnaGorodeczna1st Polotsk And a uniform guide providing hundreds of plates for every Unit involved! You can pre-order your copy today!

Happy Holidays! This sale won’t last forever, so get shopping!

Not only will there be free beer in the vendor hall from 2-6PM on Saturday (yep, we’re one of the sponsors for that!), but we’re also giving away free gifts at our vendor booth during Fall-In! What free gifts? Free copies of ESR The Essential Player’s Guide Free Nappy the Pen-Gin™Read More →

The Wargaming Company now offers trees from NOCH! Available in 25 and 50 count packs, we have added bases to every package. That means these trees can go from bag to tabletop in just the time it takes to glue and flock them. They are highly durable, ready-made but forRead More →

Some of you may have heard the Prussians were on the march, and today, we can confirm it! We’ve got seven new ESR Box Sets to announce containing Mid-Late War Prussians, including a Prussian ArmeeKorps and a two-player 1814 Starter! But that’s not all! Today we’re also announcing Russian UhlansRead More →

Want to play a game of ESR Napoleonics? Heard they may be what you’re looking for but hoping to kick the tires first? Have questions and want to get answers direct from the source? Sign-up for Play & Learn ESR Napoleonics with the Designer at Fall-In 2018 The PEL isRead More →

This weekend ONLY we are having a FLASH SALE to celebrate Napoleon’s most terrible battle: Borodino! A huge discount on our 1812 ESR Campaign Bundles! Rules, supplements, *and* miniatures. Enough for either two or four players! This is your chance to get into ESR Napoleonics.

You’re not suffering a flashback. Last week we announced that Leven was back-in-stock and this week we’re announcing we have a ton of new Battlescale releases as well as have restocked that model line as well. From fortifications, to windmills, to farms, to haystacks, to bridges. Heck, now there isRead More →

We’re restocked on Leven and additionally we’ve got some great new offerings. Among others, Chancellorsville House and Vicksburg Courthouse are back in-stock! And, check out the Fachwerkhauses, Elkhorn Tavern, and the Gettysburg Train Station! It’s all available now!

We’re thrilled to announce that our ESR Box Sets are now available in the UK and Europe via Magister Militum. Many of you have been egarly waiting for these to be accessible in your local region, and we’re proud to partner with Magister to make them avilable. Don’t hesitate, order yoursRead More →