While there are three game of ESR Napoleonics scheduled for Historicon, we’ve heard from the convention that all of them filled immediately! So, we’ve added more games! On Friday and Saturday morning we’ll be running ESR Napoleonics at our booth in the vendor hall. Vendor hall opens at 9AM andRead More →

We know a lot of you have been anxiously waiting, but… We have the ESR 1809 Starter Box back-in-stock and shipping immediately! The 1809 Starter Box comes with a division of each French and Austrian infantry, complete with both line and light troops, supported by artillery, and a small brigade ofRead More →

The Wargaming Company is thrilled to be returning to Historicon 2018 this July! We’ll be running three games of ESR Second Edition at Historicon and we hope to see you in one! All of our games will be run at 4PM each day in the Distelfink ballroom on table D32: T:360:16 ThursdayRead More →

The latest releases from Battlescale. We’ve got some excellent new releases for you in both 6mm and 10mm! From the new 6mm Merchant House to the 10mm Gatehouse, to the Village Shine, these are terrific releases that will really improve your tabletop. Shipping today!Read More →

The Wargaming Company is proud to announce: The ESR Complete Player’s Guide is available for order! Last month overwhelming demand ran the ESR Complete Player’s Guide out-of-stock, they are now available for order and expected to ship next month! Pre-Order Today! Need a copy of ESR immediately? The Essential Player’s Guide is available and normallyRead More →

Last week we were delighted to be interviewed by Chance of Gaming. We talk products, future releases, gaming conventions, why we do what we do, you name it. The interview portion of the podcast starts at about 26 minutes, but listen to the whole thing, these guys do a great jobRead More →

The Wargaming Company is proud to announce our latest ESR Campaign Guide: The Most Awful Situation, 1814 in France After the defeat at Leipzig, the remants of the French Army retired back into France but were immediately pressed by the Allies. A series of setbacks in January convinced Napoleon toRead More →

The response to our release of the ESR Napoleonics Box Sets has been way bigger than we anticipated! So much so that we must announced we weren’t prepared for the unprecidented demand to sell out The Complete Player’s Guide and the 1809 Starter Box! But don’t worry, we still have you covered! TheRead More →