Vandamme setup a defensive position along a ridge above a sprawling village with his light cavalry joining his two small brigades. There he sat, waiting for the Austrians to come on. North of him, Lannes immediately deployed before crossing the small tributary flowing north to the Danube. He swung SaintRead More →

It was a race for control of the crossroads. The Hohenlohe’s korps setup north of the cross roads with his line division covering his flank and his grenadier division laid out along a road at the base of the heights. Hiller placed his hussars on his extreme left to provideRead More →

Our first game at NashCon featured the French and Austrians meeting north of the Danube. The Austrians struggled to coordinate as Hiller chose to setup his korps ahead of a stream, effectively hampering his potential route of withdraw should things go poorly. Meanwhile Hohenlohe observed Hiller’s actions and took noneRead More →

Meeting at a river crossing of the Danube, the Austrians had recently forced Lannes to retire and taken the town of Großeüberfahrtstadt. Now the French marshal returned, with the support of General Vandamme who crossed the Danube just south at Kleineüberfahrtstadt. Hiller and Hohenlohe agreed that Hiller would hold GroßeüberfahrtstadtRead More →

The Austrians poured onto the battlefield in three columns, from north to south: Ulm’s line infantry division supported by an integrated regiment of chevaulégèrs, an elite grenadier division, and Vincent’s hussar brigade followed by a second line infantry division. Hohenlohe commanded the first two columns while Hiller commanded the latterRead More →

Both sides took an aggressive stance in our second game at AdeptiCon. On the French right there was significant early success, as the French send their cuirassier division charging directly into an Austrian division that had not yet deployed from its road column. The Austrian infantry was nearly swept fromRead More →

Between back-to-back conventions we had the opportunity to participate in an introductory game of ESR Napoleonics with the writer of the Kabinettskriege Blog which focuses on 18th century warfare. The ran for between perhaps 15-18 turns (we lost track as we closed in on 15), and represented about 5-6 hoursRead More →

In our second game at Cold Wars 2018, the French prevailed as they successfully isolated one Austrian korps from the other. Ignoring the northern ford, both French corps pressed towards the bridge crossing. The action opened with audacious action by both sides as an Austrian hussar brigade and a FrenchRead More →

The Austrians attempted a river crossing at two points, approximately 3 miles apart. The French got wind of the strategic movement and redirected all available elements to the crossing points. Lannes’s provisional corps moved against the southern crossing point while Vandamme moved his brigades against the northern crossing. The gameRead More →

The players at our first ESR game at AdeptiCon 2018 took our advice very literally: Kick the tires, do silly things, get yourself into trouble and see how the rules work. And that they did. The game lasted approximately 2.5 hours and ran 15 turns. The French left crossed theRead More →