Four new players opened our initial engagement at Fall-In 2018. As Vandamme’s brigades broke out cross country, three Austrian columns advanced towards his wing. Lannes halted his Force almost immediately and began deployment on the French right, concerned that if he did not push early, he could be screened off,Read More →

As Vandamme’s light cavalry deployed ahead of his corps, they observed the advance of Vincent’s hussars to their right and the Austrian Avant Garde to their left. Vandamme was confident with the knowledge that St. Sulpice’s cavalry had left the main road vearing right, connecting him to Lannes and securingRead More →

The Austro-Russian Army surged forward in our fourth ESR game of Historicon 2018. The Austrians sought to control the center of the battlefield by screening off Bernadotte with their Avantgarde while manuevering Vincent’s hussar brigade into the center to stop any junction of the two French corps. Lannes took hisRead More →

Our third game of ESR Napoleonics was our second game in the Game Hall. Hohenlohe would move against Lannes, while Hiller used part of his korps to tie up Vandamme; the rest to threaten Lannes’s second division. The French decided Lannes should hold a line beginning on his left atRead More →

Our games at Historicon 2018 filled in the first week, so we added additional games in our vendor booth in order to accommodate as many players as possible. This is the first of two engagements we ran in our vendor booth. This bloody action ended in a draw after approximatelyRead More →

Lannes reached the field from the northwest, while Vandamme decended with elements of his corps from the southwest. Slowed by a tributary to the Danube River, Lannes was less advanced when Vandamme’s light cavalry reported contact with the Austrians of Hiller’s corps. Hiller’s hussar brigade under Vincent was the firstRead More →

Vandamme setup a defensive position along a ridge above a sprawling village with his light cavalry joining his two small brigades. There he sat, waiting for the Austrians to come on. North of him, Lannes immediately deployed before crossing the small tributary flowing north to the Danube. He swung SaintRead More →

It was a race for control of the crossroads. The Hohenlohe’s korps setup north of the cross roads with his line division covering his flank and his grenadier division laid out along a road at the base of the heights. Hiller placed his hussars on his extreme left to provideRead More →

Our first game at NashCon featured the French and Austrians meeting north of the Danube. The Austrians struggled to coordinate as Hiller chose to setup his korps ahead of a stream, effectively hampering his potential route of withdraw should things go poorly. Meanwhile Hohenlohe observed Hiller’s actions and took noneRead More →

Meeting at a river crossing of the Danube, the Austrians had recently forced Lannes to retire and taken the town of Großeüberfahrtstadt. Now the French marshal returned, with the support of General Vandamme who crossed the Danube just south at Kleineüberfahrtstadt. Hiller and Hohenlohe agreed that Hiller would hold GroßeüberfahrtstadtRead More →