During the summer of 1813, Vandamme was attempting to connect with Marmont’s Corps d’armée somewhere in Saxony. Sacken’s Russian Corps was marching as quickly as possible to strike Vandamme before the French had concentrated. Yorck’s plan was to draw as much of Marmont’s Force upon himself as possible in orderRead More →

We got together with some of the folks from No Dice, No Glory to put ESR through its paces over the course of a 2.5 hour action between two opposing corps. The game was run on a 5×7′ Killing Fields Terrain Classic Grassland Game Mat using Forces from French CorpsRead More →

Vandamme and Marmont encountered York and Doctorov in a see-sawing battle that left both sides in terrible dispositions. Pajol’s light cavalry led Vandamme’s French corps forward, but with poor recon, Pajol found himself confronted on two sides with the enemy within a half mile. On his left, Mutius’ light cavalryRead More →

In the first rematch between the French and Austrians, disaster struck, and it showed no mercy to Hohenlohe’s ArmeeKorps. Lannes and Hiller both arrived at the south end of the field and began an extended staring match after Bruyère’s hussars and chasseurs à cheval bounced off of Radetzky’s fresh infantry.Read More →

Lannes and Bernadotte arrived on the field to greet their Austrian hosts. Hiller and Hohenlohe both rushed forward to bring the fight to the French. The Austrians opened the engagement when Hiller deployed Vincent’s hussars in support of Radetzky’s infantry division, Nordmann was to connect Radetzky’s left to Hohenlohe’s ArmeeKorps.Read More →

In a sort of strangely reversed mirror of the previous match, Hiller moved forward alone with the expectation that Hohenlohe would do similarly to meet him. In the event, Hohenlohe showed no particular interest in advancing however, and setup a largely defensive disposition around his bridgehead. With the two AustrianRead More →

The fifth version of this engagement took a great turn when Hohenlohe and Hiller took the opportunity to coordinate entirely against Lannes, who, strangely, obliged them. Vandamme was shocked to see that Hiller turned his entire korps right, moving away from him and exposing their flank and rear. However, whileRead More →

The French racked up another win when Vandamme boxes in Hiller and Lannes defeats Hohenlohe, again with a battle turning on Gelbmitroterdachstadt. After an initial clash between Saint Sulpice’s cuirassiers and Vincent’s hussars in the central battlefield, the southern sector went largely quiet as Lannes slowly maneuvered while Hiller concentratedRead More →

Marshal Lannes arrived early and looked over the area, he determined where the battle would take place, and issued the appropriate orders to concentrate his Force on Gelbmitroterdachstadt. Seeing the route of the Hohenlohe’s advance in his sector, he knew it was key to prevent them from capturing the riverRead More →

Our second game was marked by French aggression on both wings. Lannes sent forward his light cavalry which was quickly defeated, causing him to take pause and draw up his Force before renewing his attack. On the right, Vandamme did not have an early defeat to learn from and pushedRead More →