15mm in Europe

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Recommended for use with 10mm & 15mm Miniatures.

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The Cities | of Europe

Formal two story town homes are a trademark of European cities and large towns. From their adornments and upkeep a visitor can immediately determine if they have come across the home of a wealthy family, a municipal office, or a rundown tenement. By using several variations of the same basic structure, you can recreate the urban centers of Europe from 1700-1945.

Urban buildings are scaled up, with larger footprints and taller roofs, to provide visual weight on your table, they naturally look like major towns and cities, rising above the surrounding terrain.

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The Highlights | of Germany

While many areas of Europe shared much of their architecture as trends spread from region to region, there were always styles intrinsic to specific regions.

The partially timbered structures of central Germany remain iconic, a mix of stone, stucco, and exposed timber supports, they are instantly recognizable. Such buildings immediately communicate to players that the scenario is set in Bavaria, Saxony, or Württemberg, but they could also be found in parts of Poland, Prussia, and Austria.

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The Icons | of Russia

Whether your players are leading Napoleon's La Grande Armée against the Tsar, or instructing the Soviet Army, "Not one step back," when driving Hitler's evil legions from Russian soil, players will recognize your choice of iconic setting immediately.

White washed Ukrainian farm buildings, with their wattle fences, covered with thatched roofs dotting the landscape. Stark rural churches with almost no adornments nestled in small villages. And mammoth monasteries and churches with their domed spires as focal points of famous cities. The iconic structures of Russian clearly demark your battlefield.

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Urban | & Rural

Our rural buildings are intentionally scaled down from those of the urban city.

Cities rise above the surrounding area, with the landscape polka dotted with tiny villages, farms, and trading posts.

Whether they represent suburbs of Smolensk, or the numerous villages outside of Dresden, your gaming table will remind players of a beautiful map painting.

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Practical | Design

Each model is intentionally designed to paint quickly and easily by a base coat followed, by a series of washes, and capped off with simple highlights on features such as window frames and small adornments.

With varied surface texture, and raised and recessed focal points, these quick painting techniques can provide excellent looking terrain in very short order.

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