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From the UK | to the US

The Wargaming Company is proud to be the exclusive importer of Leven Miniatures 6mm Resin Castings from the United Kingdom for North America.

We are now carrying a large chunk of Leven's European and American Civil War era buildings, and will continue to add more.

And don't forget, if you see something of Leven's that we don't have available, we are happy to arrange special orders!

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The Civil War | in 6mm

Leven's focus for the American Civil War is primarily shown by their iconic choices of specific battlefield buildings to model. From Antietam's Dunker Church to Bull Run's Henry House, Leven offers a fantastic array of icons to highlight your Civil War tabletop.

We're very excited to be carrying the first of these models, and we very much look forward to offering the rest of Leven's American Civil War product line.

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Napoleonic Europe | in 6mm

From Waterloo to the wastes of Russia, Leven's European line of 6mm resin cast buildings offers a broad variety. There are, of course, the icons of Waterloo, from Hougoumont to Plancenoit Church.

But there are also numerous small village buildings that can be used throughout Europe and into the vast Russian plain. Small huts, timber houses, village churches, hovels, shacks, and cottages are all available in great supply.

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