Roll up that Map

1805 in Germany
The Ulm & Austerlitz Campaigns

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Scenarios | For Any Rule Set

Roll up that Map can be used with Et sans résultat! or nearly whatever your club ruleset is for Napoleonics.

Maps are provided in scale miles. Orders of battle include detail down to number of battalions, and our online conversion page allows you to translate recommended unit Combat Ratings to other popular Napoleonic games.

It is easy to use Roll up that Map with whatever system you choose.

Don't see your favorite game on the conversion page? Write us and maybe we can help with that.

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From Beginner | To Expert

From the banks of the Danube to the plateau of the Pratzen.

A slew of small two to four player battles, terrific for evening games and introducing new players. Accented by Napoleon's famous success at Austerlitz, a battle that will surely turn heads at a convention.










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Historical Campaigns | Historical Context

Do the Austrians break out of Ulm and succeed without Russian help?

Will the Russians decide the campaign before Austerlitz?

Can the French defeat two empires?

The campaign framework ties not only the scenarios together, but also the two campaigns, allowing the Allies multiple chances to alter history, and the French a long haul to repeat it.

This gives historical battles historical context, some battles will be more important to you than your opponent and vice versa.

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What I Told You | Was True

Your victory conditions and your intelligence may not match and you'll be challenged to do the best you can, just like your historical counterpart.

  • Historical Context
  • Orders of Battle
  • Victory Conditions
  • Intelligence
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True | From a Certain Point of View

Scouts reported the enemy main body advancing from the northeast.

But our briefing says they are retreating west of us!

With individualized maps for each Army, players must plan based on imperfect, sometimes conflicting information. Maps for each Army portray what the generals suspected and perceived. Sometimes reflecting reality, and sometimes not. Players begin the scenarios from this point, facing a similar problem to commanders on the field.

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Every Uniform | Unit by Unit

For 1805 there are nearly 250 individual units, most with unique uniforms. Collecting all the necessary source material, across scores of books and images can be very daunting.

Even with those resources, laying a half-dozen references out on your table to paint the Mariupol Hussars is impractical.

To help, we've done the work for you. Hundreds uniform images: detailing every regiment featured in the scenarios. All in one place, for easy reference, organized by unit.

Officers, musicians, elites, rank and file, even NCOs, and support troops like sappers, pioneers, and artillery train. In one place.

No page flipping, no book shuffling.

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Continuing | A Comprehensive Series

Roll up that Map is the second in a series of Campaign Guides to be published by The Wargaming Company for the Napoleonic Wars.

We're following up the success of Master of the World, 1812 in Russia with Napoleon's lightning campaign of 1805. A success that was so complete, the rest of his military career was judged against it. Years later Napoleon would think back and ask aloud, "How far from Austerlitz?"

But we aren't stopping here. Future titles will follow the same format:

  • Campaign Frameworks
  • Historical Scenarios
  • Host and Army Briefings
  • Extensive Uniform Guides

And there are many future titles to come.

Join our Announcements Mailing List to hear about them.

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