Receive a Free Napoleonic ESR Campaign Guide

If you run a game of ESR at a convention, we'd like to offer you a free Napoleonic Campaign Guide. To qualify, provide us a link to the convention's list of games that includes your ESR game with you listed as the game host. Then provide us at least six photos of the game. These can be sent by e-mail, posted on your blog or on a photo sharing website of your choice. E-mail all promotion related information and any questions to

Those who qualify will receive a discount code for the Campaign Guide of their choice. Shipping costs are not discounted and may apply. There can only be one Campaign Guide awarded to each game run and only one Campaign Guide per person per convention. Campaign Guides will generally ship within one week of the discounted order being placed.

The terms of this promotion are subject to change at any time and may be discontinued without notice. The Wargaming Company, LLC reserves the right to decide if the convention in question qualifies for this promotion. If in doubt, send an e-mail to inquire.

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