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Starter Box Sets

1809 | Mid War

With his Armies spread across Germany, France, and Iberia, Napoleon rushed back to central Europe from Spain after Austria declared war and invaded Bavaria. Austria's plan? Destroy the French Forces in Germany before Napoleon could reorganize a defense. Napoleon's plan? confound the Austrian invasion and go on the offensive.

The 1809 Starter Box is everything two players need to setup Forces for their first battle of the 1809 campaign: A French infantry division with artillery, a French cavalry regiment, an Austrian infantry division with artillery, and a cavalry regiment.


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1812 | Late War

When Tsar Alexander declined to enforce Napoleon's Continental System to blockade England, the Emperor determined it was necessary to invade Russia. Napoleon reasoned that by marching on Russia with such a massive Army, the Tsar would be compelled to comply; he wasn't.

The 1812 Starter Box supplies two players with what they need to setup their first battles of Napoleon's infamous Russian Campaign: A French infantry division with artillery, coupled with a regiment of light cavalry, vs a Russian infantry division supported by artillery and a regiment dragoons.


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