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Core Box Sets

French Corps d'armée | Mid-Late War

Everything you need to assemble one of Napoleon's corps d'armée. Two divisions of infantry; including lights and artillery support; an attached light cavalry regiment, generals to command it all, bases on which to mount them and flags to lead them forward!

The French Corps d'armée Mid-Late War Box Set includes a complete Force for playing ESR Napoleonics, ready to be painted and assembled, and carry you to victory on the fields of Germany and Russia!


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Austrian ArmeeKorps | Early-Mid War

Here is what you need to build either an Austrian Column from the ill-fated 1805 campaign, or one of Archduke Charles's reformed ArmeeKorps that dealt Napoleon his first solid defeat in 1809!

Enough infantry, cavalry, and artillery to assemble a Column with an avant garde and a main line to strike with. Or rebalance your Force into two infantry divisions, complete with canon and cavalry!


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Russian Infantry Corps | Mid-Late War

Just what the Tsar ordered: Two full divisions of Russian infantry, complete with jägers and artillery, and banners and generals to lead them onward!

These are soldiers that stood against Napoleon's invasion at Borodino, and that pursued La Grande Armée to the Berezina River during the Mid War. In the Late War, paired with attached cavalry, these same Forces pushed into Germany and fought with the Prussians and Austrians until Napoleon's Empire collapsed back into France!


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