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Attachment Packs

French | Attachments

ESR Attachment Packs offer a slew of options for strengthening and customizing your Force: cuirassier divisions, dragoon divisions, additional infantry divisions with complete compliments of légère, ligne, foot and horse artillery, and corps reserves featuring horse artillery and heavy 12-pdr reserve batteries.


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Austrian | Attachments

Austrian Avant Garde brigades, corps reserves to bulk up the artillery support for your upcoming attack, heavy küirassiers, elite hussars that will keep your flanks clear while threatening your foe's, all of these can be added beef up your Force for its next battle.


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Russian | Attachment

From cossacks to heavy artillery, to dragoons and light hussars, elite grenadiers; everything you need can be attached to your Russian Force. Even untrained militia armed with a mix of muskets and pikes can be called up to defend Russia against her invaders!


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