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From the UK | to the US

The Wargaming Company, LLC is proud to be the exclusive reseller of Battlescale products in North America.

We currently carry the entire 6mm and 10-15mm product lines of resin cast American Civil War and European buildings and accessories.

From town house to country house, from rural barn to city wall, we look forward to Battlescale's rapid expansion of their product lines with new offerings and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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From America to Europe | in 6-10-15mm

Battlescale offers an excellent range of 6mm and 10-15mm resin cast buildings for Europe and America. Beginning with both generic and iconic buildings from the early American landscape, several are useful from the American Revolution through the American Civil War.

The first European buildings in this range offered insight into the character of future releases, they are the perfect accent to your battlefield landscape. And the tall hedgerows make excellent accents to a European battlefield, whether they are representing bocage in a WW2 micro-armor scenario, or used as 3D terrain below your favorite airplane battle.

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From Europe to America | in 6-10-15mm

Battlescale's depth is in 6mm and 10-15mm buildings. This is an exciting line with terrific options for western and central Europe, with some of the newest releases highlighting the Russian landscape.

A couple initial offerings for the American side of the pond signal that we'll be seeing more options for the American Civil War from this high detail, high quality line of products.

The variety of ruins offered will also provide unique points of interest on your tabletops, no matter if you're playing a scenario set in the Napoleonic Wars, American Civil War, or World War II, rubble and collapsed buildings offer a visual nuance too often missing from tabletop towns.

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